Stoss Presentation and Profile

Fred Stoss, Associate Librarian in the Arts & Sciences Libraries at the SUNY University at Buffalo was profiled in the chapter, “Librarians as Sustainability Advocates, Educators, and Entrepreneurs,” in the book The Entrepreneurial Librarian: Essays on the Infusion of Private-Business Dynamism into Professional Service ( for his work related to sustainability and promotion of the concepts related to  “Green Libraries”.

Fred gave several presentations of note. “Role of STEM Data and Information in an Environmental Decision-making Scenario: The Case of Climate Change,” was an invited presentation for the Science-Based Policy Development in the Environment, Food, Health, and Transport Sectors Symposium at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in Indianapolis on September 9, 2013. He later presented “The Nature Journal: Gateway for Stimulating and Sustaining Children’s (and their educators) Interests in Nature and the Outdoors,” at the Annual Meeting of the New York State Outdoor Education Association on October 25th, in Albany, NY

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