Interested in serving on the board for WNY/O ACRL?

We are preparing the slate of nominations for the election of 2014/2015 officers.  Currently, we have some vacant positions, but we are hoping to fill all positions for next year.  Some information on positions is available on the Chapter website. If you have questions on what is required on any of these, feel free to contact Jennifer Kegler, and she will give you a description.

If you wish to be nominated, please send Jennifer ( a message giving your name and position that you are interested in. The positions that need to be filled are listed below.  If you know of someone who you think might be a good candidate, please ask them to contact Jennifer, OR give her their contact info, and she will contact them directly.

WNYO ACRL Open Board Positions

*Vice President/President Elect

(3-year commitment = 1st year VP, 2nd  President, 3 Past President)

Required: membership in ACRL National Division of ALA

*Treasurer & Membership Chair (2-year)

*Vice Programs Chair

(2-year commitment; 1st year as Vice-Chair, 2nd as Chair)

*Councillor (2 – 1-year positions)

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