View theĀ By-Laws.

All of the Executive Board position descriptions exceptĀ Councillor can currently be found in the By-Laws. The Councillor position description is included below:

Councillor (2 Positions)

One year elected position on the Board of Directors. Councillors can perform the following activities:

  1. Assist the Program Vice-President at the spring and fall conferences (i.e., setup, registration desk, assisting with logistics on site, etc.).
  2. Participate in Board meetings, discussions on business and other matters.
  3. Perform various duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
  4. Assist with special programs and projects of the Board.
  5. Assist in other Chapter activities as requested.


The Councillor is a position that allows new librarians and/or new Chapter Board members a chance to become familiarized with Chapter activities and functions. As such, the positions are open to opportunities for learning and participating. Those interested in continuing in other Board positions will find the Councillor to be a good place to start. Those with more experience and who have an interest in active participation and activities will also find the position worthwhile.

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